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JEGO Ingenieurbüro GmbH provides engineering and consulting services in the field of substation automation. We offer our professional service to support the digitalization of the electrical power grid. Our service portfolio covers a variety of different vendor’s substation automation, control and protection devices for medium and high voltage applications.


We engineer your IED’s and SAS/SCS system.


We put your IED’s and SAS/SCS into operation.


We help you to find the best solution.

Our expertise,
your solution

Due to the energy transition the electrical grid faces difficult challenges. The utility companies have to find sustainable solution for reducing carbon emission, implement digital solutions, cyber security, smart grids and on top of that they need to provide everyday a stable energy supply for society.

Our customers relay on our engineering expertise in SCADA, protection, communication protocols and especially our deep understanding of IEC 61850 Standard.

JEGO Ingenieurbüro GmbH is an experienced and trustworthy partner in various areas of electrical engineering for grid operators and industry. Our goal is to serve the electricity supply industry, so that the utility companies can meet their goals.

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Quality is key

Our cross-manufacturer knowledge enables us to deliver complete as well as retrofit projects for your substations. Benefit from our vendor independent know-how to get the best possible solution that meets your requirements.

We offer professional know-how as a service. To deliver a high standard of quality we build our daily work on three pillars.

Vendor independent

We provide vendor independent ideas and solutions that gives you an objective overview about what is beneficial for your substation.

Fast and direct communication

In every phase of the project you get a professional feedback and constructive suggestions so you can respond fast on changing circumstance.

Worldwide flexibility

We serve your needs to every given date and continent directly on site or remotely.

Who we are

JEGO Ingenieurbüro GmbH was established by a team of motivated engineers to drive digitalization of substations forward. Our focus is on offering services that meet your particular requirement while being cost-effective. We are obliged to ensure that JEGO Ingenieurbüro GmbH performs well financially, operates ethically, lawfully and invest in benevolent and philanthropic projects. By solving problems in an innovative way,  JEGO Ingenieurbüro GmbH has a positive impact on the society and environment. Remote working and testing by using virtualization technologies we avoid unnecessary travelling and reduce carbon footprint. 

Ingo Roller

Co-Founder • CEO

Jeton Shala